Pervert, Weirdo, Sicko, Sex Offender


Bikini Exhibitionist

 Maybe the reason child predators are so dangerous is because the sex offender database is diluted with men and women searching for sex in our overly stimulated culture.READ ABOUT Betsy Brashear in Oklahoma The story wants you to believe that the 15-year old boy that consensually entered the tanning booth with her is a victimized child. While it’s not exactly a good situation, he’s not a victim, or a child. He’s a horny teenager that did what nearly every heterosexual male would have done. Betsy looks cute, and she was horny. Madonna shows her nipple on stage, Rihanna is usually almost entirely nude and now Hanna Montana shows side boob on a regular basis. Foxnews chicks are leggy babes and I guess now that Kate Upton is 20 years old, now everyone is allowed to talk about how much of a sex symbol she was when she was a teenager. Meanwhile, the real, FEW, actual, child molesters are busy babysitting for you. Real News Story. Good job everybody. Can’t wait to see the new Hot Sex Offender Of The Week.