Is That A Sex Offender?

Uh, Oh. California Councilman Bustamante Could Be The Next Big Sex Offender. It Will Dilute The Registry, But That’s How The Laws Are Written. Had Enough Yet?

Here’s A Good Example Of A News Story About An Actual Sex Exploitation To Be Monitored And Treated LONG TERM, CLICK HERE

But These Ladies Need Intense Counseling, NOT STATE PRISON, CLICK HERE

If You Can’t Tell The Difference, CLICK HERE

Whether You Want To Believe This Or Not, Somebody You Know Is Addicted To Pornography, Lust Or Sex And You Would Be Shocked To Find Out Who It Is.

Don’t Be Judgemental, Lest You Be Judged. What Comes Around, Goes Around.

In Many Cases, The Hot Female Teachers Did Not Serve Prison Or Be Forced To Register As Sex Offenders, But When Roles Reversed To Male Teacher With Female Highschool Students, The Difference In Penalty Is Much Greater. The First Picture Says It All. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE ( 15 times also implies consent… not good, but not rape )


TO CLARIFY: Teachers Should Not Be Fooling Around With Students, But We Shouldn’t Cut Their Heads Off If It Happens! Read This What’s The REAL Issue?

Let Sexually Addicted People Get Treatment, Not Prison. Only A Small Percentage Of “Sex Offenders” Are Actually Dangerous, And If They’re Truly A Threat, You’ve Already Started Trusting Them. Stranger Danger Is Not The Problem. Learn The Signs, Such As The Top Article’s “Masturbation Races.” That Is A Sign Of A Real Problem In The Future. Living Out A Fantasy With A Teacher Is A Temporary Issue To Be Fixed.

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