Sex Offender News

Just Saying “Sex Offender” Makes People CRAZY! SEX OFFENDERS ON FACEBOOK
Maybe That Would Be Fine, If It Still Meant Something – BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

BlabbermouthKC shut down – Does HomeFacts VIOLATE PRIVACY RIGHTS? 

Here’s A Question – At What Age Is A Person Not A Child? Age 7? Age 17?
How Old Were You When You Lost Your Virginity?
Google That Question If You Dare. You Will Hate The Answer!

Answer: Age 16. Did you have consensual sex as a child?

Are You Disgusted With Yourself?!
Mistake? Probably. Lifetime Criminal? No.

Does That Mean There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of “Child Molesters” Running Loose?
Including Your First Sex Partner!
Should They All Be Tortured For The Rest Of Their Lives?

Let’s try and remember the original purpose of a Registered Sex Offender database

Let’s be clear. Molesting a 10 year old is a dangerous problem, requiring prison time and serious treatment, and inclusion on a national database. We can all agree on that. But in the newsroom, THIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE NONSENSE. 300 TIMES???

But, instead of focusing on the actual predators, now we have over 750,000 Registered Sex Offenders In The United States. Wow, are there really that many sexual predators? How many of them are horny teachers and politicians?

While you’re pondering that, check this out.

Here’s A Story About A Landord That Knows The Truth

This woman is not a Child Predator. She is a teenage male fantasy.

This is an example of stupidity, and the reason why the term Sex Offender is convoluted and meaningless.

Is This Perverted? I think so. Why anybody would want their child on this site is beyond my comprehension. And by the way. If that triggered you, please visit this site. PLEASE DO IT.

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