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July 5, 2012 – Another Blonde Teacher Having Sex With Students - What’s The Deal?


NOTE: The Purpose Of Commenting On Sexy Females Now Deemed Sex Offenders Is To Point Out That MOST OF THIS MAKES NO SENSE. HOT TEACHERS ARE FANTASIES – NOT SEX OFFENDERS. This will keep making the news and detract from catching actual child predators that are looking for sex with 5 year olds. That’s the real problem, and hopefully we can figure that out one day. Until then, enjoy the hot babes on the sex offender registry…woohoo!

While researching, I found a blogger that sums it up: SocietyNeedsUs – NICE BLOG! Hot For Teachers BLOG – Why Point This Out? Because It’s Obvious Many People Have Noticed The Obvious. This Is Beyond Ridiculous. It’s Like An SNL Skit. “Hot Teacher Sex Offenders?”

Deanna Higgins - NOT A SEX OFFENDER – Texas teacher was so damn hot that even though she was banging a 16 year old, even the court gave her 4 years probation and a fine. If she were male, she’d be SCREWED! And now…15 year old modeling Kardashians!

Pamela Rogers “Hot Teacher” Turner dedicated blog – convicted in 2005 – basically living out the Van Halen video MULTIPLE TIMES for a 13 year old boy. WTF!? Sounds like reading 50 Shades Of Grey won’t solve everything.

Debra LaFave - best thing about looking at this article is trying to figure out the different between her and the Wardrobe Malfunctions in the right column. Good luck with that one.

Gail Gagne - Tell me why again this woman’s life has been publicly decimated???

Sheral Smith - Another giant tragedy! 5 counts of rape? What a crock. Read the Comments. Everything from “she deserves it” to “i’d be hitting, that!” She doesn’t deserve it, and a lot of people would be hitting that. Counseling, revoke credentials, probation. That’s the solution.

Cynthia Horvath - Actually referred to as a Pedophile on – Okay, in STRICT definition, SURE, but if you Read ABOUT Pedophilia, the intent is prepubescent. ( under 13 ). If we don’t talk about this, there will be 1 million Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S. in a few years. Do you think law enforcement can track 1,000,000 horny Americans? Madonna recently showed her nipple on stage. Should we register her, too?

Melinda Dennehy - HOT MILF Sex Offenders Are The Bane Of All Poor, Innocent, Suffering, Horny Teenagers. Why Oh Why Are Cougars So CRUEL?

Shannon Young - Between the story and the comments, it’s clear that society is all over the place on this one. Is it safe to say that she needed a lot of changes in her life? Counseling, not Prison.

Interesting Thread About How Guys Feel About These Hot Teachers

Why Do Women Love Teenage Boys? Interesting Web Page. It’s The Body. Not The Mind. What About Love, Loneliness & Lust?


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