Changing Sex Offender Laws

HIV POSITIVE SEX OFFENDER ATTACKS BOYRead The Story – If Law Enforcement Resources Were Not Diluted Keeping Hot Teachers Away From Horny Teenagers, Maybe Our Society Would Be Able To Feel Safe And Protected. That Is Why Prosecutors And Pleading To Lawmakers To Get With Reality And Stop Focusing On Voter Perception – Read The Story.

Missouri House of Representatives propose and approve a bill – HB1700


Here’s a very interesting news article about it

I realize the average person reading this thinks this information is terrible and all Sex Offenders should be locked up and “taken care of” by Bubba. I realize that inclusion on the Sex Offender list is socially sanctioned bullying and we are taught that everyone deserves what they get. However, wait until somebody you know gets on the list. With the way things are going, the chances are pretty high this could happen. And if you want a shock, google your address on the Sex Offender map and see how many insane, sex-crazed lunatics live within a 5-mile radius of your house.

Final note, child predators are usually not strangers. They are people that you know and trust. Having a national database of strangers is not solving the problem, it creates a false sense of security and paranoia, and it creates more stress on people that already need help. Not a good idea. Treatment is the solution – Witchhunts have no place in a democracy.

2 thoughts on “Changing Sex Offender Laws

  1. I was just thinking about this and I would like to share it with you all. A lot of these internet sting operations are done in the name of public safety. Now what’s public safety? Well speeding tickets are public safety so are seat belt laws. Bait Cars are for public safety even drug deals are for public safety but there all public. That’s the common denominator is safety. If its public safety than it should be done in public. When police hide under the internet and say its for pubic safety than it is not.
    There is a difference between internet safety and public safety. These adult websites or any site of a social nature should have a page as you enter the site that states and reminds people that the police may be posing as underage girls or boys so if your an adult please take this as a warning. There has to be these social sites to take some responsibility to make it known to all chatters in there.
    of course one social says’ “that these chats may be monitored ”
    actually they need to be in large letters and warn predators.
    As far as public safety goes it is misleading as it is internets safety and social sites’ should be responsible with large signs that warn the chatter about these dangers.. That way the social sites’ are accountable for there actions that they did not take.. and a lawsuit could be filed…… Police have no business in adult chat rooms…….. kids have no business in adult chat rooms. An adult chat room is for adults and police are actually taking advantage of the situation and when money is involved that’s a big motive…………. vacation? I hope everybody sees’ this point, as all stings should be done in public not thru a computer screen So how many speeding tickets did you get on your last summer’s vacation?

  2. Regardless how these sting operations go they are deception and tells anyone about Government as a whole. While most go on with these sting operations in the name of (public safety) they go into adult websites and pose as teenagers and start there deception with anyone that clicks on there name. They more or less fish for a victim that comes into there trap and use deception to snag even the unsuspecting person, or the otherwise law abiding citizen.
    Now why would police go into an adult website. I would think they should go into a kids website to catch or conduct there deception to snag there prey, only makes sense to me. If I was going to do something like entice a child I would go into an children’s or kids website..
    By the way I was caught in an internet sting and got caught up in all of it. I was in the adult section of yahoo.
    To make a long story short, sure there was some sex chat by me and not even I did not go to meet the person the first night, the second that person clicked on to me and said they where home alone again. I asked the person if they would like to meet me not me wanting to meet them. After that we set up a meeting place in the a local park location and I told the person no sex as I wanted to find out who this person really was as they didn’t appear to me as a typical teenager, telling me about there sex encounter and asking me to cam. I hesitated for a while before going down there and about half way there they left a call back on my cell phone wanting to change the location to another area, something about they where having an event in the area that we where suppose to meet. Well that didn’t sound good and I asked to back out of all of this but the person persuaded me. Now they will come and get you weather you come down their or not so I went down there and was arrested. Was given a plea deal which I’m sure most of these type’s of convictions are done because I don’t think they want the public to know the deceit of these police officers.
    The registry doesn’t even tell the public that it was an undercover sting operation which is misleading the public. So even though I took this plea deal to avoid a mandatory prison sentence if found guilty, I believe I made a pack with the devil as my public defender told me…… you know how those jury’s are on these things and that scared me.
    See the public doesn’t know about these deceits, or that the registry covers all this over. It makes it harder to find employment as all app’s are on computers these days and you hardly get a chance to talk up for yourself. A plea deal is just a one sided affair in the States favor and not the side of the defendant.

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