Holy Schneikies! Is the ICE MILF a Sex Offender?!

I.C.E. MILFAnd the MILFs just keep on coming…This is the latest news story of unrequited sexual harrassment – allegedly. It looks like the Secret Service isn’t the only federal agency with a ‘secret service.’ Even though the secret is out, the federal government still has a lot of sexual misconduct to engage in before catching up with hot-to-trot teachers. Stay tuned.

How Sexy Housewives Become Sex Offenders

Here’s a story of a lovely lady…who got totally screwed by an uninformed legal system that can’t tell the difference between a sexual fantasy and a sexual predator. The worst part is the 14 year-old male “victim” is the one that caused the story to come out because he was bragging to his friends. And now it’s much harder to find the dangerous absconders looking for 4 year-olds. Good job, everybody.